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November 24th

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

For those of you that haven't heard, Mom has been declining since about August. She has become weaker, less alert, more in pain from her arthritis and more depressed, questioning the point of her existance. However, the last few weeks have seen more significant decline. She was admitted to the hospital on November 9 for dehydration that was causing some kidney failure and also had urinary tract infection. She came back home on November 12 once her kidney function returned to normal and the UTI under control, but has not shown any improvement in her abilities and attitude. Her appetite has decreased greatly, she can't move around on her own any more, and she sleeps...a lot! The diagnosis is dementia, but so far she still knows us. She still has her sassy wit about her and a stubborn streak a mile wide, but she gets overwhelmed when there's too many people, too many questions, and too many choices at any one time. On advice of her doctor and Mom's belief that "it's time for me to go" (and her inability/unwillingness to move) we have enrolled her in hospice care at home just this past week. Already they have been a good source of support. At this point it is whatever she wants and not forcing her to do something even when we believe it would be best for her.

She misses all those family members and friends that she doesn't get a chance to see. Cards and phone calls are always greeted with a smile. If anyone wants to visit please contact me (608-333-3864; for good times to come. At this point, there's no way of telling how long she'll remember people. I hope that for all of those who can't be here to share these moments with her this blog will help you remain connected to her. We're trying to live in the moment with human contact but she's mostly living in the past in her mind. As she has told us time and time again, seeing her great grandchildren are the highlights of her days.

Human Contact

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